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About Black Box

We follow six different people in six different stages and situations in life. These people have one thing in common; they live in an ideal society in which everything is perfect. But is that really the case? This anthology series shows the dark sides of a twisted, robotic society that is far from being as perfect as it first seems.

Rise and Shine

We meet Michael Miller who is up for a promotion at the firm he is working at. His relationship with his wife Rose Miller is not as good as it once was and he is considering leaving her for someone else.

To Live Eternally

Mike Barlow, an assassin working to keep up the facade of the perfect society, wants out of the game to spend more time with his daughter. But when he messes up a job, things take a turn for the worse.

Fashion Killer

The episode revolves around the main character Emma, a young girl with a passion for fashion. Dissatisfied with what the small town she grew up in has to offer, she yearns for something more. Her ticket out of here and her first step towards achieving her dream is a local fashion contest where the winner will get a free scholarship to a well known fashion academy abroad. Emma has worked tirelessly on polishing her skills and now, she stands ready with a beautiful dress of her own making. At the contest locale however, things don’t quite go as planned. With her ruined dress in tow, Emma heads home. There, at the very end of the episode, the big twist is revealed: Emma’s own mother was the one who sabotaged the dress.

Queen Bee

Beth is the most popular girl in school, the Queen B. Together with her boyfriend Charles they make the perfect high school «couple of the year». Everybody looks up to them, but Beth is carrying a dark secret. Which Robin decides to force out of her. After letting the whole school get to know the true Bethany. Her life then gets flipped upside down and she goes from Queen B to an outcast.


Marcus, Nicolai and Jonas is traveling through the town and visits the local pub. They run into Maria, a local citizen. As the 4 of them leaves the pub, they will soon realize that this night will change their lives.

Black Box

Kevin is a young boy who goes to middle school but feels out of place. The one friend he has is satisfied with being an outcast, but Kevin does not feel the same. His family does not acknowledge his lack of happiness, and thus he decides to take matters into his own hands.

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